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My Mac

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the software on my Mac

I posted what goes in my bag; I think that my Mac’s apps are much more interesting:

Of course the usual culprits are on my Mac:

::  from Apple
Mac OS 10.5 Leopard
• Photobooth gets a workout – great fun with Cynthia
• Automator launches my chat apps on startup
• Font Book gets used often enough
• Image Capture – because I catalog my photos with Finder, then import into Aperture.
• – for work’s Exchange
• Time Machine, iCal, QuickTime, Activity Monitor – obviously
iLife ’09
• iPhoto – for our iPhones
• iWeb –
• don’t really use any of the other iLife apps
iWork ’09 – only really use Keynote
Aperture – Oh how I love this software!
Final Cut Express – like Final Cut … for notebooks

:: paid apps
• Adobe Photoshop CS3 – Aperture has replaced most of it’s use with my photo editing, but I tried to use Acorn, and I found that I still love PS because of its actions and familiarity.
• Microsoft Office 2008 – I only use Excel to create documents, I use Word and PowerPoint only when I need to read a document, and I refuse to use Entourage.
• I bought both NetNewsWire and OmniWeb before they were free; and I still use NNW for all of my RSS needs.

:: free apps
• Adium – it’s all in one client, even FaceBook (which I disabled)
• Chicken of the VNC – for all (1) of the Win2000 PCs on my network
• CoRD – all of my remote Windows connections in one window
• Cyberduck – free and easy to setup for FTP
• Google Notifier

• FireFox with VertTabbar – only use FFX because I can put my tabs on the right side, ala OmniWeb
• OmniWeb – no longer use because it would lock up RAM and wasn’t likely to get the “remember session” feature
• Camino, Flock, Opera, Safari – all for logging into multiple accounts at once
• Stainless – because I have to use a crashy browser every once in a while

• Disk Inventory X – it’s like SpaceMonger, but slower and uglier
• FileWrangler – for all my renaming needs
• Flip4Mac – .wmv on my Mac
• Google Earth – way too cool
• MacTracker – because I am a Mac nerd
• Picasa – because I am a photography nerd
• Quicksilver – my app launcher
• FLV player
• TextWrangler – editing html and css
• TinkerTool
• TwitterPod