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“Sharing a Love”

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100,000 photos

Normally, I reserve my blog for still life or wild animal artistic photos; however, this is the 100,000th photo that I’ve taken with my Nikon digital SLRs.
But there’s another reason that I love this photo: Sally and her husband Gene have almost 20 horses that they own or board; they love horses. Cynthia, my daughter, loves her toy horses; but, other than a few pony rides at the fair, she’s never around horses. Sally enjoyed seeing Cynthia’s fascination with horses turn into a love for them today. I’m certain that both of them will remember today for quite a while.

Now, back to that 100,000th photo:  I’ve had 4 Nikon SLR’s now – D50, D80, D90, & the D7000. They’ve each had their own personalities, and I’ve sold each one to friends who’ve enjoyed using them as well. In fact, my first Nikon, the D50, was sold a second time to another friend.  I love photography; and, like Sally, I love seeing others learn to love photography too.